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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 3, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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embarcadero poplins final keep everyone safe a high school coach or rested in the north bank of crime is accused of involving a student. >>james: supreme court ruling on marriage equality was a big win for same-sex couples with you would not know what an increase one area of the united states that news is next. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>michelle apon: we are waking up to some comfortable temperatures and looks pretty good and we want to talk specifically about tomorrow night the temperature is can expect a specific location the embarcadero mostly cloudy skies
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temperatures will be lower 60s in oakland and jacqueline and square 6 secure once been montagu the shoreline amphitheater plan on the upper 60s the same for downtown dallas goal of the alameda county fair in downtown livermore to the to blacks to be on a slightly milder side with those mid-70s the tech a look at the forecast of your voice be and they listened to purchase right not to the upper 50s into the next our plan on some of the '50s to continue on if the will start to restore low to mid 60s by noon by the early afternoon mid-60's will continue to prevail across the area by 6:00 p.m. low 60s and then the to befall to the upper 50s it will be breezy at times with the winds gusting up to 25 mi. our the storm tracker 4 radar and we do have a few isolated showers across the mid peninsula were look and a hillsboro off of the southwest will continue to track off to the pacifica this morning you
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could be done with a straight shower from hillsborough we're talking about the forecast looks pretty good but temperatures here was what we are talking about different areas tomorrow whether this morning we have a mid 60s across in one spot generally have been seven is for the festival morning spa " in that area looking of the east michelin lois '60s and looking at the upper 50s across san francisco >>michelle apon: i will have all those details on what you can expect, a 715. >>rebecca: lot of people have been out today is reflecting on the roadway this morning very light all over the bay area same
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story for the drive across the san mateo bridge to this morning that is 10 minutes across the span into the peninsula the drive times for your 280 commute than 14 minutes from 101 to 85 along the peninsula 23 minutes south, as you make your way into cupertino from highway 92 you also have someone to show you a good option tomorrow that want to be running extra and longer trains to get you to any of the porch of july festivities tomorrow, and up next i will for bridge a korean. >>darya: to the breaking news not all run counted this morning we learned and about a high- school track and field coach has been arrested and is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17 year-old student the
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64 year-old was arrested overnight at the oakland international airport where he was on return flight from hawaii investigators said the coach and the student had known if the for about four years and there was a sexual knowledge of that started in april the stores mother is the one call the police chiefs often inappropriate her daughter so fond of when the investigation started he was booked into marin county jail the bill is a hundred thousand dollars at this time authorities do not believe there are any other victims. >>james: if you're for the july france ticket is deferences cut it will be out in force the need your help. >>emily turner: july 4th security is tied across the country especially here in san francisco in light of the evidence on the embarcadero to days ago a shooting war woman was killed the day after that
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there is an arm robbery folks are a little bit on edge in response to less than francisco police they're stepping up their patrols and difference at all hands on deck they said they will have extra officers the folks at pier 39 talk the bis said every single person is on the security team will be working the for the july we're as in the community members that
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there are highs and ears and the police cannot be everywhere at once is thus the 930 they're also the extra officers on patrol because as you can imagine even a fire or come on out in the city and its people on edge and will make sure to enforce that as well. >>darya: the county fair is getting ready for tens of thousand visitors to hit the fare over the weekend its body on wednesday but this weekend to maul the next it does on a lot of people will be heading out there they said the have something for everyone this
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their highs and celebrates the thought agriculture and the environment and these are by a is that we not only am iran but in the bay area really told their is a real celebration of all the things in addition to the firing of the have live music and everything in the have animals the fair runs through sunday. >>james: you could see in this video traffic backed up for miles on in and out of the bay area expect plenty of company.
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>>darya: 9:00 tomorrow happening now firefighter as well, alameda county this week for discovered yesterday morning he is running in the sonora original wilderness and has burned 45 a.
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we have an east bay fire engine co. back in service now after it was pulled. >>james: 3 of its crew members will be back in service the country working on station in downtown but in 2012 the station was pleased that the democratic down to just three people because of budget cuts the plan to keep the station fully staffed and leaf through october that the value way it and keep them at full staff the station byway already have emergency costas monday and we
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have even gone to the holiday weekend and yet. >>darya: up borders cannot find the owner of that drama is the third time that the drawdown has been spotted they're not connected off three times and had to bring down the plane and helicopter and they're trying to fight fires they say the drones could collide with the aircraft the electricity bill could go up even if you are a good a conserve energy. >>james: big energy use will start to get a break while efficient consumers may have to see the bill go up it was back in 2001 the lawmakers expanded from the original to to the four tier system in that system we
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have some of the highest paint in using households paying the most electricity to utilities said the council's seven subsidizing and it will correct that also happen today demands for a vaccination are holding not rally of san francisco the law have been put in place in happening at known as the for voters to repeal laws the limited political perils of san a medical exemption children for vaccinated will have to be home to school after the law took effect next era. >>darya: report new sharks fighting that led to no warning. >>rob fladaboe: new reports of
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great white sharks have been reported as folks like suzy are hoping to see one to i want to stiffen once again a sharp warning signs like this will not pose a for about a quarter mile and either side of the cement following the latest sightings miller group the sharks in this area not sure of is the same shark but nashua they're staying here warn sorel's the helicopter as an older sickle ferry over the day for the past week shooting video as the cruise back and forth along the beach missing more larger ones recently and then also on thursday and if the file over the boat they been spotted as
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close to 20 yds from the beach you the one sign of this was not taken down a 24 hour the because expected to a man appeared crop of holiday weekend. >>james: a huge illegal fire bust in the east to bay there so many in fact the bomb squad had to be called in we will have details on what happened to a member of the convenience store with a cupful of mountain dew what did he do we will talk about that coming up.
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>>michelle apon: we want to take a closer look so you can see where they are located right now and east palo alto because it a little curve right over there does when you consider it to track of and to the west and redwood city it will continue to move west and other areas across mid peninsula could season spotty showers but near areas across mid peninsula looking at pacifica the moderates our
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moving off the coast of the traveling on one of tomato you want to begin with an isolated shower looking into a between from a game in pacific heights trade showers right over there it is a part of the system and is given as a shower chance for the next couple of hours it will be isolated a very short-lived it is mainly on its back across m1 locations with delta some call the if you have to fall at the golden gate was speaking of going east if the talk about heading to the sierra mountain this weekend have isolated thunderstorms for a few areas across offer a tahoe looking at lower '80s this afternoon continue on to the fourth week and has better showers a western a chance for sunday's but it will be on the course i was up
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for seven days by monday getting back to the area of for seven days with a is a very slight chance lower 60s across san francisco still at 63 degrees and has not much too much looking a little more this clothing yesterday at this time 65 degrees this talk about what to expect the deal was across the east bay shoreline this afternoon temperatures and san francisco at 67 at 3:00 p.m. and then we have made '80s if your and lenders have been no plan on temperatures its upgraded to ride around the 90 looking at the mid '80s for the north than the rest of the storm tracker
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474 catholic continue on with a very beautiful weather pattern until we can with the upper 90s by around lower 94 inland spots and by sunday upper 80s the locations come up for seven days it will continue on a to early next week and you always check the forecast and red with our mobile application or on our web site >>rebecca: this is because of wet weather we mention that is what to affect the committee along 101 checking the drive time 18 minutes from paulo october lindane switching over to your 280 commit 22 minutes from 90 to all the way out to 85 the middle and and mice remained off it will be a quick trip into san francisco the sixth 07 minutes or so before the
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westbound ride a battered just under 10 minutes to 1 01 and foster city. >>haaziq madyun: according to oakland police officer the reason why we're talking about the dangers of this with a standing in the residential neighborhood dozens of boxes contained illegal fireworks with an estimated street value of $50,000 being stored in the basement of this home from a second avenue in east oakland
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did none of their living so close on thursday and opened a special investigation unit at alameda, share off the bomb squad converged on home targeting the pair of alleged illegal fire were dealers who live there.
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>>darya: a truck packed with fireworks exploded and burned on the southern california freeways in called a mass of backed up the baton to get from los angeles and the biggest in between the sea its peace said the truck caught fire on 130 in the afternoon they had to close down the southbound lanes about a half-hour the van driver ran off the shot to fire the
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shooting was not related to the concelebration. >>james: the reality is that the fight is far from over at least one county clerk and texas said she will not issue licenses same-sex couples. >>reporter: this may be a fight over same-sex marriage grand very texas a small time roughly south was of dallas the first towns where and taxes they have been together for 27 years and were prepared to get married on monday it was their first opportunity at the supreme court declared gay couples have a
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constitutional right to marry monopolizes to read what they've lived in pretax is the sow for the county clerk is holding a process but in this recession will not issue the license and developer on religious objection later in the way she said she will allow other members of her office to do so but couples like jim and joe the paperwork has not arrived several small counties the logistical issues of work l. >>reporter: the reluctance has sparked a bitter battle religious freedom supporters on one side of the street their rights activists your community
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is here with you and other demanding she by the supreme court's order or quit as many americans come together to celebrate the country's independence of texas size bottle made of an issue the highest court they thought they had settled. >>darya: the president obama administration has ease travel restrictions to ireland to visit cuba there and fly to cuba the no direct flights will fly from jfk to of >>:, >>:. >>darya: microsoft says the upgrades will be rolled out the
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first customers are born to get the windows insider official said their delight in the role to make sure that all the computers are compatible with windows. >>james: they're searching for respect who used a couple of mountain dew to assault a cashier in this convenience store the suspect or the soul of in the face and tried to grab money out of the register the
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have not what they call to don they still searching for the suspect that with about five for the dollars in cash up next for announcing a recall nearly a half million cars with a which models are affected and keep driving a near disaster for one hot air balloon pilot if you talk will show you what happened.
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>>james: for recalling $400 cars in the united states the problem apparently is a software glitch back because the engine to keep running even we turn off the car take out the key hit in the stop button the recall expected 2015 focus simak's and escape vehicles also take a look at is a large pink pig hot air balloon christ the use of american festival in the in altman because a tree on fire on the way down no one else was
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injured. >>darya: the antenna is free today which is great this is your chance to the national association of broadcasters is giving away free did to a tv antennas to everyone who shows up for the events today in san francisco the one to spread the word to cook and to and on and get all the local stations to was a 15 during which sfo sister the chinatown community development center on clay street stars and 9:00 a.m. we will be right back.
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>>michelle apon: we talk about a few isolated areas it will give a general for cat would expect for the fireworks marmite as you
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continue either west to bomb the from the san mateo bridge headed into foster city we have the downpour if your in this area it will continue in that have a wet and northwest in the direction as well we have a few light showers were talking about a few more chances for today in a few isolated showers it will come on the amount so now and moisture in with his wife bought him a it will continue to feel human if a college v. campbell as of right now lower to mid 60's by the next our plan on upper 60s five the lunch hour the seventh the woman and a low to mid '80s it will fade away for much of the afternoon and spike at 86 and 4:00 p.m. and then by 6:00 fallen back down 5:00 will be
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comfortable mix up for seven days across most of the south bank here is a live look outside and the bay bridge and have a nice breeze happening right now from the west it will be breezy across the coals for much of the afternoon you may want to adjust accordingly for that as of right now san francisco and oakland into lower 60s looking at concord 62 in the morning. >>michelle apon: santa rosa just like yesterday 58 degrees coming up at 745 we have one to be talking about the rest of the forecast and we want you to also remember you and always down load the mobile application with isolated road showers will on to expect it is a good device to have to track the showers with the radar on the mobile application. >>rebecca: if you're traveling along the bayshore freeway here
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is the drive times because of the wet weather that we've mentioned along the peninsula ride around the dumbarton bridge 80 minutes from pola to the berlin game and in the wet weather will be moving just a little the west does ones affected to a commute a traffic hazard that the oakland area as a couple of decent metal rock about 880 before fifth avenue the two left lanes blocked their and coming up i will check the east bay and the south bay drive times. >>darya: the victim knows we're following this one and a strong on the pier turns tragic for an east of a famine wednesday night a 32 year-old woman was shot and killed in a random act of violence in this one will learn more about the man who has been arrested for the murder. >>jeff bush: san francisco police have a 45 year-old
7:35 am
francisco sanchez and custody he was a rest of our after the 32 your cake was shot and killed while walking with her family on pier 14--kate broad daylight police say that her murder makes no sense and appears to be totally random my understanding is there was no words exchanged between the suspect in the victim the victims as something to let family members but they said that she was doing well she realized something was taking place and she fell to the ground she died a short time later the sources say that sanchez is on probation and taxes and in the country illegally those sources also said that he had been deported to mexico several times on thursday the sap the cisco police the farmer when the water around pier 14 looking for clues a diver surface look for
7:36 am
box the short time later he resources was something in the box sources say a possible murder weapon was recovered. at this point it appears to be a random shooting incident the motive is still under investigation but we have no specific information at this time for the most of the crime. >>james: her family is speaking out about her murder on kron 4. >>j.r. stone: 32 year-old was a young woman who members will live on in these pictures shot and killed along pier 14 in san francisco car mother and still cannot explain why it does not make sense we felt so blessed in
7:37 am
this is just we see how some people go through terrible things and now it is our turn i guess her sister-in-law tell kron 4 that she was successful medical device self rep who loved helping people to was walking along the pier when she was shot a cousin was not there but describes what happened family members say that she was loving smart and beautiful car mother says that she will not be forgotten it is a horrific fein
7:38 am
you never forget will live with this for ever. >>j.r. stone: she was told the suspect was trying to shoot a seal something that had not been confirmed her mom tells me a moment before her daughter were shot she received a telex message from cake basically with the picture of katie and other family members at pier 14. >>darya: while we recovering venice yesterday morning to other tv news crews were there as well along the embarcadero they were robbed of their cameras the other two stations have another round six in the morning when wall when our live shot covering the story can end here is the guy who did said three men approached the news crew of two of them to demand their equipment and a camera
7:39 am
caught a fish shop and does what you see here of one of the robbers or you could see his eyes someone maybe ever to identify him or lead police to him and is one robber was armed and uses a gun to hit one of the cameraman in the head before they all took off they drove away in a black bmw with no license plate several tv news crews were there including kron 4 two other crew were robbed. >>james: san francisco has the highest hotel rates in the world however we spoke to some experts local disagree will have that story.
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>>rebecca: 742 here are your east bay and south but travel times along the shore for a way in the westbound direction on the 11 minutes west lawn 580 through the livermore valley camille 24 minute drive times the southbound limits commute into milpitas 21 minutes i will have a fourth rejection of next. >>darya: the cost to live in san francisco has skyrocketed what about a place to visit? the hotel rates are the most expensive in the world that talk to local experts who disagree. >>reporter: the report says san francisco hotel prices has gone
7:43 am
up 90% in one year to almost $400 a night people i talk to the cinematic reduce state it is expensive a hundred and 54 a private room san francisco the survey blamed declining prices on the tech bloom along job market and loss of hotel construction the executive director of the local hotel council says the survey was flawed the report really focused on specific randomly and it included the super bowl we looked at the numbers it was inflated the average hotel rate is closer to $255 a night to 18
7:44 am
million people visit the city every year in san francisco. >>michelle apon: small wicker the area short live isolated for some spots will talk about who can save them all coming up after the break.
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>>michelle apon: we're waking up to a few isolated showers here is what looks like on the radar will or to take a closer look to proceed with them located across the mid peninsula on the eastern side a close look the some of the areas right near millbrae just north of birmingham will continue to track off to san bruno and south san francisco if the whole to get it will continue on in the motion but isolated showers will be possible for today the brand very quick moving as a move through the area of one more isolated shower south of bridge
7:47 am
saying it will track ride near tree chart hill that it holds together the i/our sense of all because of monsoon abortion movement through the area 1 area right now is the east bay and they have some sunshine as of right now we have some sunny skies over there and again here is what looks like on the saddle and ride our perspective is moving from east to west of one to see just again a few isolated pockets of some rain throughout the day it will be very quick moving and the late in the east made this afternoon temperatures out of the area low 60s across san francisco and oakland san francisco across the golden gate fog this morning will not burn off the to 11:00 and 62 degrees livermore 65 santa rosa into the upper 50s. >>michelle apon: tempers will be on the one side once again for an spots of around 3:00 were looking at mid to upper 80s formal creaking, of looking down
7:48 am
to pleasanton is appointed alameda county fair today temperatures were near 90 by 3:00 p.m. looking a little more to lower 90s warm spots will be 92 in brentwood a quick check of the bay area high of around three to mid '80s for the north bank and for the south bay a little bit on the course 54 m one location and vii isn't oakland if you're a san francisco this afternoon 67 degrees with a handful of mid- 60's across much of the peninsula will show you the storm track the radar and went on to talk about that again but isolated showers will still be possible you have to download the web application is completely free low 90s continue on to the holiday weekend for inland spots for bay is a plan of the '70s and double continue on into sunday but it will turn a little bit cooler come sunday afternoon will continue on with this offer '80s and early next week looking of a spots of the '70s a quick check of traffic here is rebecca.
7:49 am
>>rebecca: that will impact the driver sped along the peninsula because of a fresh oriole plus the rain makes the role pretty slick you will sit along 101 checking the drive times 18 minutes from paul out of the berlin game as the wet weather moves far the west is one to affect your 280 commute than 22 minutes currently making your way to 85 checking the bay bridge toll plaza is been light all morning long and just a six minute drive times into san francisco problem free san mateo bridge in the was wrong direction heading over to foster city the richmond san rafael bridge that is only seven minutes for you in the westbound direction to the 101 split the good news continue for the golden gate just bobby be careful as a mecca where across the span it will be five minutes out of sausalito into san francisco. >>: 321 turbo pumps of the
7:50 am
flight speed maximum thrust and left off. >>james: more than 3 t of supplies on which an international space station progress 60 space capsule loss successfully today--launched successfully today it comes after a space x rocket carrying cargo for iss exploded during takeoff on sunday they said the space station is fully stocked and never any threat of them running out of supply and of oxygen left over the supplies at this takeoff yesterday on sunday we should say are on the way to set to arrive sunday democratic presidential candidate is revealing his from risen numbers for the campaign raised $15 million as a monster in late april 99% above the noise on the $250 the campaign is mainly focus on digital the nation because sanders is not a form of fund-raising the hope to
7:51 am
raise the lid 40 to $50 million this year does far less than $100 million the hillary clinton is looking. to looking >>darya: his knock a fan of fund-raisers he is urging his rival to denounce donald trump the foreman and the governor sent letters to more than a dozen other republican candidates and acts of the call- up trump for his cause was a commerce on mexican immigrants that compares his comments to be language used as irish and italian immigrants a century ago he went into detail in a phone interview with our media partnership. >>: now we have leading political candidate willing to classify mexican americans as criminals and loves and rapist this is wrong and does not belong in the 20th-century does not belong in the 21st century and i am just a third of all of my fellow candidates for republican nomination to stand up and say that these comments
7:52 am
are wrong they're not good for america and they do not represent the values of the republican party or the united states and stop hiding. >>darya: the other candidates on the request have been mixed some dismissed the letters they're blasting top even before his call for a return to twitter to call him one of the worst governors in new york history. >>james: here she is overdrive magazine's most beautiful trucker of 2015 this is joanne of miltown pa. the 51 year-old beat out 86 of the troubles are to take the crown she is a single mom and breast cancer survival the drive a bigger rate for 15 years she is proud to represent all female truck drivers according to overdrive magazine just 7 percent of premier professional truck drivers are women. >>darya: if you are not animals to go out and look for of fireworks and look up and try to find a spot in drive that the
7:53 am
fireworks come to you we bring you the best fire rickshaw from all around the bay and our live special that is july 4th which is tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. we hope you enjoy them.
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>>vicki liviakis: a few free
7:56 am
tips and barbecuing would teach you how to make the bay area barbecuing growing school their lives of our cute school and the students of the grill or not messing around their hair to master the art of backyard barbecue when travis is a barbecue engineering p apple barbecue just about anything on anything his secret is heat the just the right temperature at the just the right amount of time there is this perfect temperature that they reach or it will fall off the bone when you buy it will come right off. most people who suffer the class are guys with our women all ages i never knew they grilling was fun but they're big on this
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thing called the injector into the chicken with butter and garlic injecting with apple juice is used it the there but i know wants in the cellar use a to cook with if i have enough beer i don't care how the leak, but in the in the best part of the class is taste testing research as they sang at the barbecue and a growing school on treasure island vicki liviakis. >>reporter: apple music is now available should the switch from pandora will go handsaw with the new service the fire was unique about a coming up in the tech report.
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it is going to feel nice for some areas. we aregoing to slow up the mid- 80s. that's just duringlunch hours. by the early afternoon, by 4 p.m.plan on 90 degrees temperature. if you are going tothe alameda county fair, it is going to be warm with plenty of sunshine and maybe a shower. for the mostpart, the east bay is looking good and may stay dry.
8:02 am
in castro valley, temperatures in the mid-60s. we'll continue to warm up in the low 80s. you cansee looking at the inland locations, temperatures are going to bear about 10 degrees. we have upper50s across san francisco. mid-60s across the south bay and inlands. we are going to talk more of the holiday weekend's forecast, i have all details coming up at 8:15. we'll track the showers and the current conditions with kron4 mobile app. here isrebecca with traffic. this is along the peninsula. 380 is going to beaffected and 280 from san bruno up todayly city, reduce your speeds and.
8:03 am
switching things to the bay bridge toll plaza, light and easy commute for you to san francisco. the san mateo bridge is lightly traveled to the west wound. when i come back, iwill have city street closures that you need to know about for your 4th of july weekend. >> thank you, we learned a high school track and field coach had been arrested of accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. 64-year-old steven was arrested over night where he was coming in on a flight from hawaii, the coach and the student did know each other for about four years and there was a sexual relationship that started in april. it was the student's mom who called thepolice because she saw something unappropriate on inappropriate on her daughter's
8:04 am
cell phone. that's when theinvestigation started. at this time, authoritiesdon't think if there were any other victims. if your 4th of july plans take you into san francisco, police want you to know they'll be out there to keep you safe. they do need your help. kron 4 news jackie is live with more on that part of the story. >> reporter: good morning, private security here at peer 39 which is pretty quietpier 39. we'll see thousands of people pouring intosan francisco specifically down here to pier 39 and in spite of what happens over the last few days and murder on pier 14 and a robbery a day later, the police department say they're going to have all hands on deck out in force making sure is that the public is safe. they're going to have normal
8:05 am
patrol and everybody on foot and bicycle. that's easier for them to get through. we had a chance to talk to a couple of security guards at pier 39 this morning, everybody is scheduled to work tomorrow and is keeping a close eye on the public and make sure that everybody is safe. as i said, we had a chance to talk to san francisco department, they're going to be out in the force but they need the public 's health. >> we'll have thousands of people coming to san francisco, we'll have officers assigned to the fireworks event. we'll have officers on foot and bicycle and throughout the crowds. that's the mosteffective way. we are asking our community, our members of the community who come to san francisco, bears our eyes and ears and police cannot be everywhere at once. we are asking if anyone seesany type of suspicious activities, contact the police and notify
8:06 am
an officer. >> reporter: james, they want everybody to come down here and have a good time and feel safe. that's part of it. it is not only san francisco the police department is going to be out in force and also private security. as you are coming out here, be prepared to see it. i am sure it is goingto be good for everyone coming out here to enjoy it with their family. >> thank you, hopefully a lot of folks will have a lot great times there with no problems. and more for the fireworks show. they dofireworks every night at 9:30. tomorrow night isthe big one. >> this fair highlights and celebrate the art and the culture and the environment. these are valuesthat we not
8:07 am
only in marin and the bay area really hold dear so it is a celebration of all those things. >> that fair runs through sunday. >> if you are looking for more places to spent 4th of july, look no further, we have it on again, it is all there for you so check it out. if you feel likecelebrating from the comfort of your own couch, we got you covered ther , too. the best place to watchfirework in the bay area, our 4th of july coverage airs tomorrow at 9 p.m.. police are trying to figure out what the motive is behind a shooting. jackie referenced this amoment ago. 32-year-old katie steinly was shot andkilled while walking with her family at 6:30 on wednesday night. 45-year-old sanchez was arrested about an hour after the shooting. the shootingappears to be
8:08 am
random. kron 4 news. sanchez is on probation andin the country illegal. police are looking forclues. we have heard from one source that they may have found the murder weapon. we'll let you know ifthat's confirmed. he's facing murder charges right now, sanchez. >> katie's family is speaking out about the shooting. her sister-in-law tells kron 4 news that kate is a successful individual and involved to help people. the family cannot understand why thishappens and kate will never b forgotten. >> we'll never fefrt our kate. >> and remember that smile. >> she's absolutely gorgeous and she fought her life. they said how strong she was and they just could not safe
8:09 am
her. save her. >> you can see more on the interview on the holiday weekend has already started and many of you are getting ready to pop some fireworks. we'll tell you which firesworks cause more than $10, 10, 000 injuries last night. we'll get another updatefrom michelle coming up at 11:15 on weather.
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here is a look at satellite and radar, we'll track some isolated showers as you leave today. asyou leave your home, grab the umbrella. we'll seeat who could see those showers, all those details coming up after the break.
8:13 am
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8:14 is the time right now. we got stormtracker fired up like we always do. just oneisolated shower as of right now. if you are acrossareal of candle stick, it is right there. if you are inthis area, let me know if you are seeing any light rain moving through. isolate showers will be the. isolated showers will be the trend for today. we are going to see some sunshinefor the area. with this monsoonal moisture moving in the bay area, that's why we are seeing some of these showers firing up across the region. they're short lived and they're brief and they're quickly ing moving to the west. we do have your forecast forthe 4th of july. lower 90s. 10 degrees upper 70s and
8:16 am
looking at upper 60s. now, we'll do it again on sunday. inland spots will be cooler with a mix of sun and clouds. these temperatures range from upper60s across the kroes and we'll warm up from across the coast. 58 degrees as ofright now. by 10 a.m. we'll warm up in the lower 70s. by noontime, temperatures in the mid-70s. temperatures will continue to warm up around 808 degrees mark and then we'll continue to fall into the 70s. any outdoor plans, it is going to be nice, we'll have a mix of sun and clouds for that area. daytime highs across the region, mid-80s across the north bay and south bay. looking at inland spotsalso in the upper 80s. across the shoreline plan on some lower 80s later on. tomorrow, talk about the
8:17 am
forecast for the fireworks. i am getting a lot ofquestions for twitter. what is it going to be likefor tomorrow? i am thinking mostly cloudy sky and some fog with those temperatures in the lower 60s. now, oakland and jacqueline square, temperatures will be in the lower 60s, skies over there will be partly cloudy. and am theater in mountain view anddowntown, we have mostly clear skies with temperatures mid upper 60s so mild there. lookingat alameda, plenty of sky clouds. those severe stormtracker for your seven-day forecast. we'll continueon with this mid to upper 80s until early next week and for the bay, plan on low to mid-70s. let's lookat traffic with rebecca. you can download our appfrom our kron4. it is great a great device to
8:18 am
uses app. with that comes with road closures. i am goingto show you a list of closures that start at 5:00. jefferson and em keep in mind if you are heading into san francisco. checking your parking meters thisis what it is going to look like.they're not going to be enforced. it is going to be on sunday's schedule. that's good news. it is going to lastfrom 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on sunday. switching over tobart, you can hop on a bart train tomorrow and that'll make your life easier. you don't have todrive or park or nothing. they're adding train onthe system and they're going to run much longer tomorrow. also, currently right now, i did hearabout a 5 to ten minute
8:19 am
delay. they have fixed thatso trains are just about 5 to 10 minute behind schedule so far. i will have a full check of the bridge coming up. fireworks will be lighting up the skies across the country tomorrow night. when you are planningfour festivities, it is important to be safe. wehave some friendly reminders for families. >> over city skyline of the final pitch, americans will flock fireworks displays this weekend. morethan 10, 000 fireworks injuries were reported in 2014. about one quarter due to smaller items likesparklers. they advise having a bucket of waternear by or hose near by and lighting fireworks one at a time. never try to relight malfunctioningfirework.
8:20 am
>> and before celebrating, take a moment to tli of the nation's veterans and especially those who may suffer from ptsd. the organization that provides free mental healthcare to return troops to their families. a little awareness can mean a lot. >> we want to keep in mind of our families of the fallen. fireworks and displays and sounds and smell and all of that could be difficult. >> family and friends should give a head ins ups if that's okay to our veterans. >> these are the men and women who fought to make sure we have freedom. >> to make it a happy and safe holiday for all. >> and if you have pets, make
8:21 am
sure that they are not freaked out by the fireworks. a lot of cases, putthem inside so they don't hear the boom. the if you have a dog or cat, take precautions so they can have fun, too. you can keep them inside or you can leave a tv or soft music playing to kind of keep them calm and make sure they're wearing their id and microchip because a lot of animals they hear it and they get scared and run away. san jose's native joey chestnut will be eating at the hot dog eating contest. there is a new kidin town. another guy from san jose. >> really?
8:22 am
>> joey chestnut, he's 6' 0" and on the other side of the ring, you have tony, 5' 4 8". you are thinkingoh, what does the competitor eater do. man, he hasa lot of world record. yes, joey holds the recordfor anyway they nathan for eating. but, think about this, matt ate 120 twinkies in six minutes. >> oh my god. >> i want you to know what these guys do. joeychestnut ate 20 half pounds. i want to give you anidea of what they're eating. he's going to eat twohalf pound
8:23 am
corn beef sandwiches a minute. i was looking at some of the things these guys have eaten to let you understand. you think about that. thefive pounders. joey ate his in three minutes andten seconds. >> i don't even know. now, you guys they use water. you know how they do it. >> sure, they got to choke it down. it is called major eating when you are at this level. >> dan, you are at the amatuer
8:24 am
level. >> it is fun, we'll be watching it tomorrow. >> we'll be right back. livi witchroc miaine feels ke eh day a ge of chance. want toput the od iny favor. so mdoctor to meabout botox® fdapprod treatment at snificantlyeduces headhe ds foadul wi chric migraine. 15r more heachedays a mthea lasting
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8:28 am
still ahead here on the kron 4 news, a major illegal fireworks bust in the east bay. there wereso many that the bomb squad had to be called in. we'll have details coming up next. our golden gatecameras showing us some fog here on the north side of the span. we'll have another update on yourforecast today and your 4th of july holiday weather, coming up.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are tracking your holiday forecast this morning as we take a double live look outside. onthe left, we got the bay bridge approach camera and on the right we have our cameras in san francisco both showing us cloudy conditions ahead. michellewas tracking some showers earlier, let's get the update now. what are you seeing on storm tracker 4. >> right now it is nothing. right now a live look. we have most of that activities well off to the coast. grab the umbrella as you leave. i want totalk about santa clara this morning, temperatures in
8:31 am
the mid-60s. by 10:00 warming up in the mid-70s. closer to lunch hour, temperatures warming up to the lower 80s. santa clara warming up to the mid-80s bythe afternoon and by 6:00 temperatures will start to fall. 8:00, temperatures easily in the mid-70s. now, if you are heading east, maybe going to the sierra, for today, we could see some isolated showers and thunderstorms. we have a better chanceon your 4th of july. if you have outdoor plans,keep in mind, you need to have plan b, if you are going to be out there. we have storm chances in the afternoon especially with those lower 80s by the afternoon. by sunday, an isolated showers it willbe cooler upper 70s. that'll continue on intomonday. temperatures right now into the upper 60s, 60s. mid-60s, a definitely different change than where they were
8:32 am
yesterday. e afternoon, your temperatures will slowly warm up in to the mid to upper 60s in san francisco. oakland, 73 by the afternoon and looking at inland locations only heating up to upper 80s around 90 degrees. more cloud coverage across cover across the coast. coming up at 8:45, we'll take a look at your storm tracker for holiday weekend's forecast. vil . hereis rebecca with a quick look at traffic. >> so far green lights out there on the road ways. going into the holiday weekend, there will be street closures that you will need to know. if you arehead to the city, just be aware of those. pa, ngmeters, this is how it is going to go torment.
8:33 am
they're on a sunday's schedule, they're not going to be enforced. aaa is going to have free towing foranybody who's drinking tomorrow. that's going to last from 6:00 tomorrow night all the way until 6 a.m. on sunday morning. taking a life live look out there, it is free. six minutes drive into downtown sanfrancisco. when come back, i will have an update on all the bridges. >> how are you watching kron 4 news, do you have cable or do you use an antenna. today you can getone. a group representing local tv station and antenna manufactures, they're giving away free antennas. kron 4 news is in china town where thereis event giving them away.
8:34 am
>> reporter: take a look down the block here in china town. there are people all the way to the end of the block and going around the corner, everybody wants a free antenna. i am here from antenna direct who's give behind this behind this giveaway. what's the reason forthis? >> if you can get an antenna, you can get about 75 channel in the bay area for no monthly charge. mostpeople does not aware it exists. >> where does san francisco stand? >> we have given away over 12, 000 antennas across the country. we just came from washington and wewere in denver right before that. this is probablythe biggest turn out we had out of 53 cities. ths thisis really gratifying.
8:35 am
>> you have 300, 000 antennas to give out today. tafking. >> we can target certain demographics so there are four asian channels in the bay area. with digital targeting, we have been invited by the oca, the organization of the chinese americans to come out and help some of the residents to try to get access to programming. . >> reporter: this can be act as a unifying port, right? >> yes, a media is a unifying factor and we are binding people together. there are a number offoreign language station in the bay area, they're available over the area with a simple antenna with no monthly charge.
8:36 am
>> thank you very much, down here in china town, we have the address and we'll pop it on the screen for you. richard, how long are you going to be out here? >> about 10:00. >> reporter: you can come down here on clay street and get a free antenna. reporting live, kron 4news. >> thank you, emily james. if you are plan to hit the roads this weekend, just know there will be a lot of folks out there this is video traffic around the bay yesterday. more than 400 million americans will be traveling for the holiday. job has been on the increase and gas prices have been on a decline. driving whereyou need to know is as cheaper and pocketbook option.
8:37 am
>> you saw it and everyone else did, too. everyonewants to get to this great place. there is a lot ofkernels for security. federal agencies are warning of any possible attacks. federal agency issue addbullet warning of terrorist threats. calls from eye across the country, security teams are sweeping areas where large crowds expected to gather and again, they're cautioning awareness even though they have nod hat any specific threats and they're still telling people to be aware and don't let this stop you, just go out and enjoy the holiday. with the recent murder there at pier 14, some people are concerned of safety in the city. policeare putting additional officers on patrol, they'll be handling the crowd.
8:38 am
they'll be on foot and onbikes. police will be putting officers there in the big tourist hot spots and different neighborhoods. the bottom line, be aware of your surroundings. police want you to look around if you see anything suspicious. flag down an officer if you see something suspicious. that's how dangerous it was. kron 4 news wasthere as police seized $50, 000 worth of fireworks. it was found in the home of 87th avenue. the twosuspects are facing multiple felony charges. e. if you are look forget a place to spend the fourth or a place to watch fireworks. we got all the activitiesthat's happening around the bay area on our website. it is one stop shopping for your plans. you canmake no stop and just stay-at-home and get all the
8:39 am
fireworks brought to your living room at the same time. we got the best of the best around the bay. live here on kron 4 news at 9 p.m. tomorrow.
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8:44 am
apple revolutionized with the music industry. >> apple music forces you to rethink everything you know about itunes. you pay $10 a month for as many
8:45 am
songs you want to listen to or download to your your phones. so, should you switch from spoti fy or pandora? >> now, they're playing catch up with apple music, it replaces the music app on your phone. >> they already have a huge audience in such a huge reach with their itunes platform that they're going they can still get in the game. >> download as much as you want in your phone. stopsubscribing, it goes away. >> since apple already has your credit card, signing up is easy. plus, you get three months trying it. >> the fact they have so many existing users with itunes account. >> when you launch the app, you have both genre and artists.
8:46 am
>> under the tab, you will find hand crafted play lists and recommended albums based on your interest and based on the time of day. there are the radiostations. apple hired real dee jays. it ispotential really compelling. it is going to comedown to the executions. they have a lot of greatnames on board. >> kind of like a mix between twitter and facebook. your old itunes is still there, it is just it is super charged with a lot of music. >> they're adding the human element. >> should you switch from spotiy fy to apple music. when you are listen to a song in apple music, you can harnett and apple music will recommend and play more songs like that. it is kind of like pandora.
8:47 am
pandora does not allowed you to download music sick to your phones nor can you select a specific track. if you want to learn more about this, go to the website. that's your tech report. now to the weather center, we have michelle here taking a look at our forecast. >> nothing right now. i want to show you what weare talking about. our 4th of july forecast today. it looks pretty nice across the area. more sunshineinlands across the coast. low 90s that'll continue onto tomorrow for inland locations. for coastlocations, this should be the warmest day, by the week, plan on upper 60s with a mix of sun and clouds, and coming up we'll talk more of the firework forecast, that's coming up in the next half
8:48 am
hour. looking at san ramon temperature in themid-60s. by lunchtime around noon, plan on somemid-80s. we'll continue with mid to upper 80s bythe afternoon. temperatures are fall ng the lower80s by 6:00. by 8:00, we are back down to the mid-70s. much cooler on this evening. now, this isa change, okay? if you are inlands, it is going to be warmer. if you are across the area, plan onmid-70s. it will be about 10 degrees cooler acrossthose areas. east bay shoreline is cooler. warmer across inlands. oakland at 62 right now. sanfrancisco is a degree warmer. san jose at 65 andthe same for concord. . a mild start today andwe'll quickly warm up. i want to talk a little bitof the north bay. it will warm up in the lower 80s
8:49 am
8:50 am
this is in the fremont richmond. this is because of anearlier equipment problem. from that, again, you are going to see a ten minute delay or so. switching things over to the
8:51 am
bridges, six minutes to downtown san francisco. san mateo looksgood, that's ten minutes over to the peninsula and san rafael bridge about 7 minutes for you and the golden gate bridge for you south 101 is still a little bit of foggy. it is going to be an easy ride, it is five minutes into downtown san francisco. when i come back, i will be checking at your east bay commute. thanks a lot, at least four people are dead of a 6. 4 earthquake that hit the western side of china. a significantdamage that were just starting to get pictures in. it wasfollowed by a series of after shock, too. 6. 4 is a pretty big quake. we'll continue toget more information. all weknow at this point that it has been deadly. we don't know moreabout the damage, we expect to get more in throughout the day. new this morning, at least three more bodies have been recovered in the capsize ferry
8:52 am
in the philippines. that brings thedeath toll to 38. this is avideo from the recovery efforts there on the scene trying to pull people from the wreckage. they're using a crane today to over turn the boat. one of the convicted killers wrote a letter to his daughter prior to his escape. richardmatt toll his daughter that he told his daughter that he would see it on the outside. his daughter received it three days later. she is cooperatingwith investigators and did so well. matt was on the loose, hewas shot and killed by police three week after his videotape.
8:53 am
the campaign is raised $15 million since it launched. 99%of their donations were under. he's focusing on digital donations. he's not a fan offundraiser. they're hoping to raise more than half of the $1 million that tthat hillary hillary clinton is looking to raise. on therepublican side, he's denouncing his rival donald trump. he sent a letter, the former new york governor did to dozens of candidates and he said that we should all call trump on his comment on mexican-americans. he compares of the language used and then he went on detailing on a phone interview.
8:54 am
more aboutit with our media partner. >> now, we have leading political candidates willing to classify mexicans as rapist ing rapists and racist. this is just wrong. >> these comments are wrong and they are not good for america. they don't represent the values of the republican party or the united state and stop hiding. >> what do the other candidates say about this? well, some dismissed his letter and others say they have been blasting trump for a long time. trumpturned to twitter and he called him as one of the worse governors in new york's history . >> in fact, the judge denied
8:55 am
the request by the builders for r a temporary retrain straining order. the company filed thatrequest after fears they say that the da perhaps might tamer per with that evidence. the judgedenied that request. of course,we do know that one woman from warner park and six others from ireland, five ireland were killed from that balcony collapse. before you head out the door this morning, here is a look at temperatures around the bay. what it will look like this afternoon and we are looking at low 90s for places like mre like mres tonight and livermore. >> if you are looking for a best place for fireworks. look nomore, we'll air our
8:56 am
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>>darya: it is all right here on kron 4.
9:00 am
>>darya: a close encounter at a local beach a great white shark swim is under immense kayak we have a musty video. >>terisa estacio: he is 64 years old called the mother uncovered the alleged crime that story ahead. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>michelle apon: making your plans for today and how they we can plan on upper eighties to low 90s across in and locations across the bay mid to upper seventies near 80 its coastal 5 near the upper 60s to around 70 more sunshine across the coast
9:01 am
mostly cloudy skies with is what the temperature is will be on the cooler side and fog will continue to dominate much of the day the fireworks forecast and land lower seventh across the east bay shoreline looking for lower 60s the coast in the north and plan on its upper 50s with a system fog in somewhat the crowded skies across much of the area. >>michelle apon: mostly clear to partly cloudy skies if you are in redwood city as of right now 58 degrees by 10 and one of two of our families looking at your forecast around lunchtime upper seventies will continue to meander into the upper 85 to the afternoon plan on temperatures to be pretty much in the '60s for much of the area santa rosa starting off into the lower 60s temperatures just updated to live a more right now 72 degrees we are talking about what to expect if you're with me across the stop of a letter on this afternoon. >>rebecca: traffic looks great so far this morning with a mix
9:02 am
of the holiday weekend people are rejected today often started earlier for them a mix with a friday like camille is good news if you're traveling on any of the bay area freeways we have no major hot spots throughout the morning the bay bridge the mid real-life star off all morning long if you're headed into san francisco tomorrow for the fourth of july festivities we do have some real close to starting at 5:00 tomorrow sections and jefferson embarcadero beach and taylor will be shut down so does know that if you're heading into san francisco parking at meters are asking going to be on sunday schedule they will not be enforced and are triple a tipsy program will be affected 6:00 tomorrow night until 6:00 a.m.. >>rebecca: they have free towing for anyone who was going to be directing tomorrow night that is good news if you're heading into san francisco is also a good idea to take bart to san mateo bridge westbound direction easy
9:03 am
problem from one a long 10 minutes over to foster city when i come back i will be checking the east of a commute. >>darya: and no. they track coach behind bars right now accuse of having a sexual relationship with a teenage student police are planning a news conference later on this morning to give us more information. >>terisa estacio: on this friday i am here in novato and i am from of novato high school in as a track coach here and about the high school that has been arrested this as the picture of stephen official said imam recently discovered her daughters on revealing the relationship between the 64 year old coach and her 17 year old daughter in a palace guard before school let out the 17 year-old is a recent graduate of novato high school the 17 year- old had known him for several years and a result of a religion became sexual he has been taken into custody he was arrested
9:04 am
late last night at the oakland international airport he had just arrived from hawaii he is now facing along with a felony crime including arranging to have sex with a minor a share of the part will be having a news conference later on this morning they are also on a to be releasing more details about this case also whether they believe that there could be other victims in this case. >>darya: with a july 4th coming up that means that the nation could be at risk for terrorist attack and saw a federal authority and local authorities but everything goes off without a hitch jackie is live in san francisco with were about over san francisco is doing here. >>jackie sissel: the morning i am here at pier 39 start to see some sign that they're getting ready for the fourth of july celebration it is quiet they're expected to sit out of the people pour into san francisco
9:05 am
specifically around here to watch the fireworks here all the one everyone to come down and have a good time their paramount concern is to make sure that everybody is safe sex and considering what has happened two days ago we have a murder on pier 14 yesterday there was an armed robbery that occurred near the spot that will to make sure the public know that they're going to be out in force that is as ftd that is not only as ftd but pier 39 security we talked to earlier they cannot go on camera but they could say it is all hands on deck. >>jackie sissel: every personnel will be out here monitoring the situation as far as as ftd they are doing much of the same we will have a huge force--sfpd they will have foot patrols and bicycle patrol the air with to
9:06 am
get through the crowd more easily that was much of a show of force and they are making their also say they need the public's help we had a chance to talk the spokesperson from the senses the police department. >>: there are about the people to come to san francisco specifically to that the fireworks event we will have offices on foot and bicycle brought the crowd the the best way to get through we're asking the community members and the commission said it was come to san francisco that there our eyes and ears and the police cannot be everywhere at once we're asking if anyone sees any top of suspicious activity please contact san francisco police notified officer called 911. >>jackie sissel: obviously they want to make sure that everyone comes down and has a good time and feel safe but also want to relay the message they're about him monitoring the situation and making sure if the things the
9:07 am
market out of hand out to see one of the big thing is they're telling people in the consumer the alcohol and especially out in public that always is a recipe for problems and be smart about when you're out there not a reflection your phone or laptops or bypass all the people are expected to the point in the city but when and with having the time. >>darya: banks to the north of where you are jackie there the marin county fair, on bay will expect a lot of people tens of thousand people to come to the big fireworks show on the fourth eve of a star on wednesday with fireworks after the fair every night at 930 the big party of course will be to our neck in the meantime you can go to the fair daily the have music food and animal something for everyone this fair highlights and celebrates the arts agriculture and the environment and these are values that we not only a more random but in the
9:08 am
bay area it is a real celebration of all those kinds if you want to check that out the fair runs through sunday if you're wondering is all on our website and plan out your fourth on kron 4 or you can let us bring before a july to you will have a big firework special with all of the best fireworks from around the vent in one spot your living room on the big screen tv in an attack on an 9:00 p.m.. >>darya: police are trying to figure with the motive was behind the deadly shooting 32 year-old kate by when was shot and killed while she was walking with her family and 630 in the evening on wednesday night by pier 14 when she was shot of a said by this man the 45 year- old he was are restive about an
9:09 am
hour after the shooting it appears that this was a totally random event the sources say that is on probation and taxes and is in the country illegally and hear you sea divers the law yesterday in water looking for accruals) so as to say one diver might be the murder weapon hidden but into jail and faces a murder charge the family who lives in pleasanton is speaking out about the shooting her sister-in-law tells her that she was successful medical device of rep and she loved helping people her family describes her as loving smart and beautiful we spoke with the mother who says she cannot explain why this happened to her and she will not be forgotten. she is absolutely gorgeous she
9:10 am
fought for her life they said how strong she was viewed as the more the interview with kate's mother as well as with her cousin riposted in views on how web site >>darya: coming up more pat to get lost on the drive and other holiday would tell you why and what you can do to keep your pet safe to close for comfort kayakers, extremely close to some great white sharks off the coast of northern california will tell you exactly where happen the lifeguards of going about it now.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>darya: 0 warmer weather temperatures warmer water temperatures are drawn the sharks close to an to shallow water for the short arm like the recent string of attacks with sun n.c. the great white in this neck of the woods have not shown in the aggression a marine biologist tell us that there east coast architects involves boy was charged with a much more progress a species we're waking up to some clouds but we could to solicit some isolated showers for today will the you know what area consists of. a break coming up after the of
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>darya: you look up deacidify works in the boom box for pets that is scary and there are warnings if you have pets for
9:15 am
the fourth of july they say do not let the outside especially not alone for the fourth of july they run away because they get so scared of all the noise is keep your animals inside if you have a holiday plans and traveling put the animal in the room may be in a crate or leave the tv with soft playing music back and help ease the sound of a loud noise make sure your pet always has an idea of some sort or a microchip to if they work to one way backing get back to you now fun for pets the fun for people express the good of you conceive of fireworks terrible if it is so much fog and clouds to cannot. >>michelle apon: mostly cloudy skies and in the across the peninsula was start to see the clear skies and went antipater's will have to be milder and when will talk live you're heading east maybe it's the south lake tahoe for today you of the bill was isolated showers and
9:16 am
thunderstorms for saturday it could start the system status and showers pin. >>michelle apon: if you're going to be across south entire lower '80s by sunday and monday temperatures will only one of into ms. upper seventies will have a chance for some showers we did see a few isolated stalinist morning america to solicit some is this out for today and the system as bringing in someone should across the bank install and to diminish and we are going to have some human afternoon but a very slight chance for a afternoon shower is in to the upper 50s across the peninsula middle of the '60s and it's a much warmer the west of on a warm spot looking at the lunch hour low to mid '80s by the early afternoon plan on some of our aid is pure or to be across most of the south bank by 6:00 the to befall to lower
9:17 am
'80s, and 945 04 look at the storm track four 7 day around the bay forecast check conditions may be an isolated shower chance of this afternoon with a free web application free from the application store or global. >>rebecca: if you're born to be traveling this holiday weekend you need to leave the house in the time today take advantage of it this morning the roadways have been free all morning long so far that is the good news very lightly traveled also the bridge is looking great as a live shot the bay bridge toll plaza approach the middle and less of an off all morning long it will be a quick ride into san francisco the san mateo bridge same story goes there as well on the west bonsais the committee cited to can tell by the live shot in the very lightly traveled easy drive to 7 minutes over to the peninsula where looking at the east of a drive times just as the committee out of antioch on westbound for just 15 minutes getting into copper
9:18 am
switching things over to barred the july 4th fireworks show on the waterfront san francisco + of the san francisco july 4th events with job loss 200,000 people hopping on a bart train is much easier. >>rebecca: they will be running extra trains and also longer trains all day and night tomorrow for you when i come back with whatever is in san francisco city street closures you will need to know if you come into the city any time this weekend. >>darya: they're testing the idea and kids and adults in the study funded by the national health participants are at risk for developing type 1 diabetes that is the kind of the jews to diagnose and childhood in effect a little over 1 million americans has increasing worldwide fanon reasons a smaller study by different researchers at the immune system of children change when it took
9:19 am
insulin pills. >>darya: a southern california ago such a great job in this job that they had to dump all the extra water they say it back to the 550,000 gal. of water down the drain not usable not drinkable the mayor a policy of what happened is that reduced the consumption in the city by 45% in may and all the other water in the reservoir for so long that the he got to in the called the chemical imbalance so it was not drinkable and had to figure out what to do with it and it was too expensive to pump back into the lake where it came from they said it cannot be used for irrigation because it would chance if they did that someone might drinking binges have to double the amount of water they got rid of was enough to supply for households for an entire year your images of the bill could go up even if you're conservative in a jeep the state public utility commission is set to vote today on a
9:20 am
planned overhaul the way utilities charges for electricity in. >>darya: they would get a brick wall more efficient consumers will see the bills go up the new plan calls for a return to the two-tier price system in 2001 lawmakers changed from two to four tiers and froze the lowest tariff rates to protect households and spiky energy bills for making a lot of money will be protected that went with the utility said the higher use households have been unfairly subsidizing below use household for years now under the four tier system happen today jet blew will be the first major airline to a direct flight from new york to cuba the president obama administration has ease travel restrictions an island and allow americans to visit cuba they're cashing in on this the first to fly to cuba of nonstop direct the new direct flight is one to go from jfk
9:21 am
airport to havana opponents of the state's new mandatory vaccination law are holding a rally in san francisco. >>darya: to demand the lobby repealed their rally at noon in the south parking lot of the golden gate bridge a former state assemblyman file paperwork for a ballot initiative to get the repeal on the books is limits of this law limits the ability for parents to obtain a medical exemption children were not vaccinated would have to be home schooled after the law takes effect next year under a similar bill they care workers in california would also need to be vaccinated in east bay fire in the company has been closed since may of 2012 just in time for what is expected to be a brutal fire season starting monday the contract, protection district and three of its crew members are back on the job they will work out of station 6 in downtown concord in 2012 the
9:22 am
station will fully staffed there were six firefighters but then they have to reduce debt into a three-person crew because of budget constraints. >>: it will have additional firefighters to respond on the for the july with the case more problems from becoming very large problems the fire marshal said the plan is to keep stations six fully staffed october in the decisions on to made about what it can stay. >>darya: more teenagers are getting jobs will stay with that mention the economy the san mateo bridge traffic is slow like this everyone are real vacation.
9:23 am
9:24 am
wish yr sk cou boue ba ke iusedo? new neutgenaydrobooswategel. withyalunic id it plumps in cls wh tenshydrion anlockit i for sule, drat ski hydrboos fr neuogen
9:25 am
>>darya: windows 10 will mark the top and delaying the launch of it for users this said the new version of the operating program would be out for its customers to get it are the windows inside and nextel to reserve a copy in advance in their windows 10 will be available to businesses and schools and then after that they want to mention is compatible more teenager of getting jobs and experts say that as a good sign for the economy about 4.7 million teenagers are now employed and looking all the different jobs or to sing like guarding the san jose native
9:26 am
jolly chesnutt has better watch out he's gone stiff competition as we go to the hot dog eating contest on coney island is tomorrow he is the champ for nine times and a role. >>darya: last year he 861 hot
9:27 am
dogs and as competition in 10 minutes and and and i told a 56 that is not too far separating them prepare a tough competition if you want to take home the trophy and the $40,000 that comes with that a federal security bulletin is tighter security of july 4th celebration across the country what federal agencies are doing to keep you safe.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: that is an important day for weather and traffic. >>michelle apon: we're talking about july 4th it will be announced they for much of the area cool temperatures across the cosimo's the class size across the shoreline mountain view in downtown in the north of
9:31 am
a mostly clear skies would mid to upper 60s men have sunshine in, right now 69 degrees into the next our plan on mid-70s one of the to the mid to upper 80s by the afternoon. >>rebecca: lots of folks already enjoying this holiday weekend early they start today you could tell by the roadway it's been pretty quiet will show you a full screen graphic of some city
9:32 am
street closures if you're heading into san francisco keep these in mind jefferson embarcadero beach and taylor sexes of all those rouyn's will be shut down tomorrow you will not have to pay made their on to be on the funding schedule is going to be free and triple a tipsy toll program free towing program for people who are drinking beer will be able to tell you matters affecting from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. sunday morning tech barbette is always a good option they're running extra trains and lumber trains all day and tomorrow ride into san francisco that will be the best bet over 200,000 people are expected to come into san francisco this weekend that brings a lot of traffic into the area switching things over to the richmond san rafael bridge
9:33 am
very lightly traveled seven minutes into san rafael the golden gate problem free still have some of the fog with and barely see the north tower peeking out as well as the south tower five minutes out of sausalito into san francisco. >>darya: 200,000 people in san francisco if you do not want to allow you can watch it here on channel 4 and how you give us the have cable you have an antenna if you do not have an antenna you can get one for free today of representing local tv stations and to manufacturers is on a notion like to or given away free digital antennas. >>emily turner: they're given away at 9:00 a.m. you took the words right out of my mouth you can come down here and get one although i'd runoff is one to be in one these people have been lined up since 5:00 this morning
9:34 am
to get a free antennas there are only 310 us what the demand the said he is lucky because there will be more people than antennas this morning the reason they are here the association would national association of broadcasters the organization of chinese americans specifically targeting chinatown they want to head a demographic of a fellow needs over the air broadcasting the language channels but cannot for a vigil antenna with something as simple as best there ever to access all sports channels a sparsely the ones they need for the emergency they're hoping bed even dollars on a 300 antennas there be able to began to help people cut the cord and also get access information they do not already have. >>darya: and i n if you're
9:35 am
planning hitting the road this weekend the where traffic of around the bay area several people started getting out of town more than 41 mid-american of one to be traveling on the road for the for the july holiday aaa says this the highest number in eight years they say is because of the dramas of the economy increases job was the lowest gas prices and so people feel comfortable about filling her up and heading off of the july 4th holiday and there is a security risk across the country with a bigger profile holiday the federal agencies to worry about possible attacks has been nothing specific no specific threat but they did issue a warning of terrorist threats in general say the have heard a call from eisa for supporters in the u.s. to carry on attacks across the country security teams are sweeping areas with large crowds are expected and they want to
9:36 am
make sure that everyone is safe there are saying do your part as well be alert but they say do not stay home because of this get out and enjoy the holiday. >>darya: if you're going to enjoy the holiday you should know that there was a security concern at pure 14 that is an area that is very safe and it was a murder their. >>darya: they're also going to be in areas in neighborhoods near here as well they say if you seek anything suspicious to contact the police to people are behind bars this morning the strike and of illegal fireworks to make an entire neighborhood open flames were there when we see in the camera's rolling bases 50,000 out of work a firework festival and from fireworks dealers underground
9:37 am
dealers fireworks in the basement of this home on 82nd avenue oakland police say they have to suspect in custody if you are looking to do something firefighters are containing a brush fire and alameda county a store refers protest today this fire is still burning in the sun all of reason on wilderness is spread to 45 a. in this morning is a 75 percent containment and the video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news that the laws that iran is so steep making it tough to fight
9:38 am
and how hot weather has been made on a was started this but at the time as far as what goes on wednesday there were reports of lightning in that area this man is in custody connection with the shooting that happened at san francisco pride celebration of the weekend. >>darya: it is part of what led the investigators to him a man was shot in the arm of the united nations plaza announced on saturday several groups of men are born with the shots were fired and said the shooting was not related to the pride celebration this little k needs a home we will introduce you to our pet of the week we're getting an inside look at the life of a turtle and a great barrier reef this is a must see video after. the after
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>darya: this is what happens when you a quick upturn in with a bolt from his shell you can see his head is moving freely in he does not have a helmet on the world wildlife fund for nature original released this video and chose to the turtle ice view of australia's great barrier reef of what experts hope the data will raise awareness about it for the protecting the reef the great barrier reef is home to almost 6000 species and i have to tell you this is pretty cool i consider here and looked at this for a minute i can watch this all day pan--seriously the little go perot was on his shell this is amazing with all the fish i love it a little color blind and not look like a colorful and the thought of what we are watching bay area weather and traffic appear on part will
9:42 am
grieve not like on the water and thus it will happen this is how we get to our we go over with the golden gate bridge the fault has lifted that is nice the traffic check this out is heading out of town out of san francisco reporter martin county we will be right back. 7
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>>darya: are you looking to adopt a pet checkout what we have four pairs of the week it is a cat named bo we he has one of each eye different colors in this case is a one year of domestic short hair mixed have friendly well-behaved a little shy evidence along with other cats in the adult cat room he would be happy in a somewhat quiet home they say or for people who understand shy kiddies if you're interested in adopting him the convict its lifeline if you're interested
9:46 am
please visit the local animal shelter plus check out the weather as a gimmick and remind all day for tomorrow july 4th make sure when the fireworks start. >>michelle apon: indefinitely scare the we're going to be outside mecca sure that inside a little bit of music even the tv turned on will have lower 90s for saturday coastal spots in its upper 60s from 70 more clouds of the cold sunshine and land at the bay and partly cloudy skies as a right now plan on some mid-70s looking at some lower '80s by the afternoon by 8:00 tonight looking at the bay
9:47 am
from the studio will be dillon mostly cloudy skies with his wife but temperatures will continue to stay on into the mix up the '60s san francisco 59 degrees oakland 64 much warmer the timbers of the petit to warm speaking of san francisco opera '60s and by 2:00 p.m. and then tumbled fall with men 6 his letter on this evening but never easy wins from 5 to 50 m.p.h. warmer and land appraised ride around 90 mid eighties or early next week mick's 7 for the vein you demolish check the forecast on the mobile application.
9:48 am
>>rebecca: starting off with the bay bridge toll plaza is very empty so far at this point will get to the pace of your fast- track robinson not want to be a problem six minutes into downtown san francisco and a live shot of the san mateo bridge that is a seven minute commute the golden gate bridge looks great southbound looks perfect of the commune direction northbound that is a vacation commute love that a lot of people heading out up to the north before the holiday weekend keep in mind if you're heading into san francisco at all this weekend over 200,000 people expected to be in the sitting. >>darya: 21 our quebec struck a
9:49 am
6.4 and at least four people are dead in the western part of china when the earthquake struck this morning vacancy some of the walls it is a major damage to mean a major earthquake at six. for the quake was followed by a series of aftershocks as well were continuing in struck early this morning in west and china and at least three more bodies have been recovered from a capsized ferry in the philippines the death toll from thursday's accident 38 people dead and 15 people missing at this hour and there is a search on the recovery crews are out using a crane to move that both and make it easier for the recovery efforts and least three americans were rescued after this boat flipped investigators
9:50 am
do not know what. causes to what >>darya: ford is recalling more than 400,000 cars in the u.s. because of a software glitch back and keep the engine running even if the ignition is off the tech the tian for us to stop button at the is not have any injuries of the recall covers democratic presidential candidate is a revealing his fund raising numbers that said the campaign has raised $59 since late april and 99 percent of the donations were on the $250 he wants your money the campaign hopes to raise 40 the $50 million of his action far left about half of what hillary clinton wants to raise zero hundred million dollars of what the clinton camp is going for on the republican side the president can he is urging his
9:51 am
republican rivals to announce their arrival donald trump call him montforts controversial comments for his mexican immigrants. top of all parnassian in about. >>: his classifying mexican- americans as criminals and those are rapists this is wrong and does not belong in the 20th- century it does not belong and the 21st century and i encourage all of my fellow candidates for republican nomination to stand up and say that is, as are wrong they're not good for america that did not represent the republican party or the united states stop hiding in the wheat reaction from the of canada's request has been mixed some of them say he sent the
9:52 am
letter a bay turned to twitter: one of the world's governments and your history other big news this morning the builders of the balcony killing six people they are not allowed to be present during the investigation the judge denied a temporary restraining order to prosecute from looking into a single company filed a request after the deal announced a criminal investigation said when construction services concern that evidence could be tampered with a woman from a park and five irish nationals were killed when the balcony gave way coming up with a look at the big storage in the tunnel before you head out the door today the tech a live look if you're heading to the bay bridge is an easy ride for you i have found at least my driving around the afternoon that have been jammed the last couple of days.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>darya: that developing today
9:55 am
and about the high school track and field coach of the arrested accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17 year-old student the 64 year-old man was arrested at the oakland international airport overnight come back from a trip from what it listed as a 17 year-old girl her mother saw something stranger and corporate on the cellphone that is what she contacted investigators the holiday weekend is bringing a lot tighter security across the country they're warning of possible no specific threats backed sweeping error allowed cruller expected for the independence day celebration that includes san francisco you notice additional officers on patrol to handle the crowds police a starting to figure what the motive was behind the deadly shooting along san francisco's embarcadero which is a lot of people will be because a july for the 32 year-old boy shot and killed she was walking with her family near pier 14 on wednesday
9:56 am
night it was just about 630 in the evening police believe the attacker was 45 your francisco sanchez they said the shooting appears to have been random. >>darya: he is on probation and taxes and in the country illegally check out the latest craze in taiwan it is not a watermelon but it looks like a watermelon in is not a fake and israel is bred in something that a marketing tactic kenneth e. more bread during the summer months by making it more fun and the use going to the charcoal and strawberries to callable loaves endemic to harlow's a day and still cannot people with the demands the kids love it the above things that are in the shape of animals and the quite different things you cannot taste it is like normal bread let's take a look at the weather that is coming to the bay area for a fourth of july weekend
9:57 am
piquancy it is going to be pretty toasty nothing like the big warmup. >>darya: it almost felt a little bit humid unfortunately by the bay and the coast for saturday for the july for about 94 the next several days up into the work which would get a little bit of course down still very warm and comfortable for your fourth of july if you do not want to walk if you think it is too warm if you do not want the traffic stayed by the tv because tomorrow and i will have the july 4th, live special 9:00 tomorrow and that brings you the best of the best from around the vent all the fireworks of big screen tvs shut off all the lights and go whose and costa will be like the roping without all the hassle definitely do that i hope you tune in again monday morning we will be back here at 4:00 a.m. to stay connected with our kron 4 mobile application
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